So the “short” answer is:  YouTube Shorts is basically an attempt to capture the success of TikTok, particularly in countries where the super popular TikTok has been banned.

The trial of YouTube Shorts began in India, but now anyone is able to use it.

YouTube Shorts is currently seen as a great way to get your content out there to a broader range of people.

There are examples of YouTube Content Creators gaining large numbers of subscribers simply by uploading YouTube Shorts ready content.

How do I get on the Shorts train? ‘

Basically all you have to do is upload a video that is less than 60 seconds long and is in the vertical video format.  Another way to think about this is a video that you have recorded with your phone, by holding your phone straight up and down, and not on it’s side.  Portrait, rather than landscape!

Some have suggested that you should include the hashtag #shorts in your video title and/or description.  I guess it can’t hurt!

As everyone will tell you, there is no substitute for good content to attract viewers to your YouTube channel.  But YouTube Shorts may just be the additional exposure that will help boost your channel and attract a wider viewing audience.

So why not give it a try?

By Bill Baud

Living the Retro life in 8-bit.

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