This website and YouTube channel is basically my outlet for my love of all things Retro and Tech.

From Legoland Space to Merlin the Electronic Wizard to TRS-80s to the Dick Smith Wizzard.

These are all things that played a significant role in who I am today. Indeed, for the majority of my career I have been an IT Professional which had its roots planted firmly with having the priviledge of being able to play with tech toys, computers and video games for most of my life.

You may have noticed quite a bit of content that has been generated by ChatGPT. This is partly an experiment, but also another way for me to express the things I like. or am interested in, or like thinking about. So if you landed here due to an AI generated article then there’s a good chance you have similar interests to me.

Please enjoy my website and channel, and I hope you either learn something, or at least find some joy in looking at the retro tech.

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