If you’re a fan of technology news and commentary, chances are you’ve heard of TWiT. This Week in Tech, or TWiT for short, is a podcast network founded by Leo Laporte in 2005 that covers the latest developments in the tech industry. But did you know that Laporte also played a role in popularizing a little platform called Twitter?

Contrary to popular belief, Laporte did not invent Twitter. The social media giant was created by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams and launched in July 2006. However, Laporte was an early adopter of the platform and helped to spread the word about its potential.

Laporte co-hosted a show called “Net@Night” with Amber MacArthur, which covered social media and internet culture, including Twitter, in the early days of the platform. Laporte recognized the potential of Twitter as a tool for real-time communication and information sharing, and he encouraged his listeners to join and start using the platform.

As a well-known tech broadcaster and entrepreneur, Laporte was influential in shaping internet culture in the early days of social media. He helped to popularize Twitter among tech enthusiasts and early adopters, and his endorsement of the platform played a role in its growth and success.

In addition to TWiT, Laporte also created his own social network called “TWiT Army” in 2008. The network was focused on bringing TWiT listeners and fans together on a dedicated platform, and it was another example of Laporte’s vision for leveraging technology to build communities and foster engagement.

Despite his contributions to the tech industry and the success of TWiT, Laporte has recently hinted at retirement. In a tweet from March 2023, Laporte wrote, “After 18 incredible years, I’m considering retiring from tech broadcasting. It’s been an honor to share my passion for technology with all of you, but it’s time for me to step back and focus on other pursuits.”

While Laporte’s retirement remains unconfirmed, it’s clear that his impact on the tech world has been significant. Today, Laporte continues to be an important voice in the industry, and TWiT remains a popular source for technology news and commentary. Whether he decides to retire or not, Laporte’s legacy as a tech broadcaster and internet pioneer will live on for years to come.

So, the next time you hear about Twitter or tune into a TWiT podcast, remember Leo Laporte and his role in bringing these platforms to the forefront of the tech world. And, if this is indeed the end of an era, let’s take a moment to appreciate all that Laporte has accomplished and thank him for his contributions to the tech community.

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