Father’s Day is just around the corner… are you prepared?  If your Dad is like me, he is going to LOVE any or all of the below Retro Tech related gifts. 

Go on, spoil him in the same way that he spoilt you!


Classic Casio Watch

You may not know this, but many of us Dads still think digital watches are a pretty neat idea. Is there any Dad that won’t look incredibly stylish with this incredible Casio digital watch LCD Casio watch?

Only $21.25



Cassette Lapel Pin

You have probably never heard of mixtapes. But trust me, your Dad has. In fact he probably gave one to your mother when he was trying to impress her with his incredible taste in music.

Only $15.42



Retro TV Pin

The TV has changed a lot since your Dad was a kid. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to fondly remember the TV of his youth. With this pin he can wear his TV love with pride.

Only $10.80



Donnie Darko Earrings

Your Dad loves Donnie Darko. Your Dad wishes he was Donnie Darko. There is a dark side to your father, and it’s not just Star Wars related. Get your Dad these earrings and let him be the Darko he always wanted to be.

Only $21.69



Paul Hogan Strop Tuxedo T-Shirt

Every Dad loves Paul Hogan, and particularly Strop. You may have to Google this one yourself. Either way, there is nothing more hilarious than wearing a fake tuxedo t-shirt.

Only $21.47



Steampunk Goggles

If you are on this website, then your Dad loves Steam Punk. And we all know that the entry level gift into the Steam Punk genre is a pair of goggles. Useful? Probably not. Super retro punk? Absolutely!

Only $24.70



Thor Pencil Case

There is no way that your Dad has gotten this far in life without fantasising about Thor and his big hammer. Even if your Dad doesn’t have pencils, he will still love this Thor pencil case.

Only $7.81



Record Player Cufflinks

Every Dad is a DJ at heart. Grab him these awesome record player cufflinks and he can scratch that vinyl itch while looking incredibly stylish.

Only $20.99


Macintosh Apple Watch Stand

The Apple Macintosh computer is a symbol of retro, and what better to celebrate it by having a unique Apple Watch stand that will actually look like a mini working Macintosh computer.

Only $16.99


RCA to HDMI Convertor 

Old retro gear can be a bit of a pain to hook it up to modern TVs and capture cards. But with this adapter Dad should be able to stream those old games like Karateka, Mario and Space Invaders like there is no-one watching (which is probably going to be the case).

Only $15.99


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By Bill Baud

Living the Retro life in 8-bit.

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